The purpose of an energy management system, according to DIN EN ISO 50001, is the continuous improvement of energy specific performances of a company. It is also the basis for a reduction regarding energy consumption. In addition, it reduces costs in your company in the long term.  The reduction of operating costs provides you with margin for your core business.

Implementation of energy management systems is possible in all companies. In doing so, it is also possible to implement energy systems into pre-existing management systems (e.g. ISO 14001 or ISO 9001), to exploit synergies between both.

As a SME, you benefit from tax reliefs if you implement and operate an energy management system. 

In accordance with EDL-G, all non SMEs are obligated to execute an energy audit. The authorized alternative implementation of DIN 50001 is often recommended.

By implementing an energy management system, the company enters a consecutive PDCA-Cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) to enable a steady optimisation. 

At the same time, the results of a previous cycle are the starting point for the next iteration. The current energy consumption can be examined, revaluated and optimised time and again. 

PDCA-Cycle During the Implementation of an Energy Management System


  • Collecting all relevant Data to execute an energetic evaluation
  • Execution of a three level analysis (analysis of energy use  and energy consumption, identification of potential to increase energy related performances)
  • Summary of results and determination of strategic and operative goals




  • Monitoring of executed measures and verification of goal  attainment
  • Measuring and monitoring of energy consumption, energy performance indicators and relevant influencing variables for energy consumption
  • Identification of necessary adjustments and development of preventive measures
  • Execution of internal audits to examine system compliance


  • Preparation and Execution of action plans
  • Inclusion of employees to sensitise  them for the subject energy management systems



  • Management-Review on the basis of the results, due to monitoring relevant processes and on the basis of the internal audit
  • Resolution of improvement methods and adjustment of the goals in accordance with  technical, organisational  and behavioural measures



Our services:

  • Assistance in development of required structures and processes
  • Conduct of status quo for energy related applications
  • Instruction of your employees for relevant norm components
  • Conduct of a management consulting in DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Taking over work packages to your relief

Your advantages:

  • Transparency of energy streams 
  • Demonstration of cost saving potentials
  • Methodical optimisation of energy efficiency
  • Optimisation of processes
  • Assurance of compliancy with legal requirements
  • Possible fiscal savings
  • Reduction of CO2 output
  • Opportunity  for subsequent certification

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