To achieve an efficient energy usage, it is not always necessary to make higher investments at the same time. By optimising existing company processes or waste heat recovery, a significant reduction in energy costs can be accomplished. 

Through subsidized energy consulting you get a maximum overview of the current energy consumption in your company, as well as concrete suggestions and business calculations to create measures, which optimise your energy consumption. 

To make valid statements, it is important to analyse your company from an analytical and systematic perspective, because the real saving potential depends on the individual starting position of your company.

All services offered by EVEECON | TÜV NORD GROUP for small and medium sized enterprises are funded by the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control up to 80 %.

This is how your company benefits from energy consulting

Energy and Cost Savings

We analyse energy saving potentials of your company. By means of this data we recommend concrete measures for various company sectors to save energy.



By reducing your energy consumption you also reduce your carbon dioxide output to make a crucial contribution to the success of the energy turnaround in Germany.

Energy Indicators and Benchmarking

Our consultancy enables you to initiate processes, from which you can deduce energy indicators for your saving goals. It facilitates the comparison between processes and companies, which have a more advantageous target value.


Increase of your Competence

We provide knowhow and special knowledge to your company. An exogenous view can create new impulses in your operating procedures and acquired knowledge can help your company in future projects.

Latest Version of Technologies

By implementing energy efficient measures, modern technologies are usually put in operation. The modernized system technology also reduces costs for maintenance



Phase 1: Energy Consulting

  • Analysis of the status quo on-site
  • Calculation of present energy consumption and energy costs
  • Evaluation of energy supply contracts
  • Identification of energy saving potentials
  • Calculation of optimization measures in accordance with economic efficiency
  • Review of the final report and discussion of  further procedures

Phase 2: Assistance in Implementation

  • Besprechung des angedachten Maßnahmenkatalogs
  • Einholung von Angeboten
  • Fördermittelberatung und -beantragung
  • Qualitätskontrolle der Maßnahmen
  • Dokumentation der Maßnahmen
  • Begleitung bei der Abnahme der Umsetzungsmaßnahmen

Your benefit:

  • Reduction of energy costs and decrease of manufacturing costs
  • Increase in competitiveness
  • Permanent increased profitability
  • Transparency in energy flows and process operations
  • Optimum utilisation of existing energies
  • Security in supply and calculated costs
  • Security regarding compliance with legal requirements
  • Overview of fiscal possibilities
  • Reducing CO2 emissions

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