In the framework of our holistic energy consultancy we combine our competences from different fields of knowledge. By this integrated approach, we accomplish a comprehensive system analysis, which enables us to develop a customized solution for you.

For the optimum use of energy, all sectors of your company will be included. With required process knowledge and our knowhow in the fields of building stocks energy efficiency and renewable energies, we develop an optimum use of energy having regard to all economic aspects.

The most important goals, besides a long-term reduction of energy consumption, are reducing operating costs, increase in economic efficiency as well as value retention of your properties and facilities.

Of course we take current laws as well as fiscal possibilities into account and keep you in the loop by our rapid alert system to inform you about new legislative changes and requirements.

Efficient use of energy will not only sustainably reduce your energy costs, but also create competitive advantages as well as careful handling of resources which supports business success in the long-term.

This is How Energy Consultancy Pays Off for your Company

Energy and Cost Savings

We analyse energy saving possibilities of your company. By means of this data we recommend concrete measures for various company sectors to save energy.

CO2 Reduction

By reducing your energy consumption you also reduce your carbon dioxide output to make a crucial contribution to the success of the energy turnaround in Germany.

Energy Indicators and Benchmarking

Our consultancy enables you to initiate processes, from which you can deduce energy indicators for your saving goals. It facilitates the comparison between processes and companies, which have a more advantageous target value. 

Increase of Your Competence

We provide knowhow and special knowledge to your company. An exogenous view can create new impulses in your operating procedures and acquired knowledge can help your company in future projects.

Latest Version of Technologies

By implementing energy efficient measures, modern technologies are usually put in operation in your company. The modernized system technology also reduces downtimes.


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Your Benefit:

  • reduction of energy costs and decrease of manufacturing costs
  • increase in competitiveness
  • permanent increased profitability
  • transparency in energy flows and process operations
  • optimum utilisation of existing energies
  • security in supply and calculated costs
  • security regarding compliance with legal requirements
  • overview of fiscal possibilities
  • reducing CO2 emissions

Cost Saving Potentials

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