The creation of an energy certificate makes not only sense for every person in charge of property, it is also legally required by the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). In doing so the legislator claims improvement of overall energy efficiency in the building sector on federal level.

There are two types of energy certificates: one is the energy consumption certificate, the other one is energy performance certificate. For non-residential buildings it applies freedom of choice between both types, as long as all required data is available to create the energy consumption type certificate (type 1). It is required to evaluate energy consumption of heating, cooling systems, air conditioning and installed lighting. In addition, the data shall be documented in kilowatt hours per year per square meter of net floor area.

To determine consumption data at least the invoices from a continuous period of 36 months, which includes the most recent billing period, must be used. 

If that is not possible, it is necessary to create an energy performance certificate. Required data for calculation are collected on-site. 

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