The obligation of implementing an energy audit according to DIN EN 16247 – 1 was established to support the achievement of agreed EU - climate goals. However, the short-term introduction of this requirement in 2015 and the delayed legislation led to considerable time pressure in the first audits - on the side of the non-SME as well as on the side of responsible auditors.

The actual purpose of the audit, the identification of actual efficiency measures and their implementation, was often neglected for reasons of time. Therefore the meaningfulness of auditing processes is doubted, although the instrument provides added value if the overall approach is adjusted in optimal orientation.

Both during a first audit and a repeat audit after four years, we plan an optimal and efficient approach with you. Of course we accompany you during implementation, for best possible realisation of reasonable and sustainable economic efficiency measures. That way the obligation of auditing processes transforms into maximum benefit, therefore the audit report doesn‘t only comply legal requirements. 

Out of our experiences we recommend to start early with first auditing processes as well as repetition auditing processes. As a result you can avoid time pressure and the auditing process can be planned parallel to your core business.

All non SMEs are obligated to auditing processes. Your company belongs to non SMEs, if you have more than 250 employees or more than 50 million annual turnovers. Important: If you belong to a business group or a majority shareholding by a larger company, the benchmark values for this group apply.

The obligation to perform an audit persists every four years. This means, that the date of your last audit is the decisive criteria for all audit obligated companies. 

Advantages of an Energy Audit for your Company

Energy and Cost Savings

We analyse energy saving possibilities of your company. By means of this data we recommend concrete measures for various company sectors to save energy.


CO2 Reduction

By reducing your energy consumption you also reduce your carbon dioxide output to make a crucial contribution to the success of the energy turnaround in Germany.

Energy Indicators and Benchmarking

Our consultancy enables you to initiate processes, from which you can deduce energy indicators for your saving goals. It facilitates the comparison between processes and companies, which have a more advantageous target value (benchmarking). 

Increase of Your Competence

We provide knowhow and special knowledge to your company. An exogenous view can create new impulses in your operating procedures and acquired knowledge can help your company in future projects.

Latest Version of Technologies

By implementing energy efficient measures, modern technologies are usually put in operation in your company. The modernized system technology also reduces downtimes.


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Our Services:

  • individual and competent expert advice
  • analysis of operational changes of the last four years
  • continuous cooperation to optimise energy processes
  • identification of energy efficiency measures and preparation of a concrete schedule for your implementation
  • referring to the data provided by the first auditing process (for repetition auditing processes)


  • reconciliation of practical design, application area and the limits of the audit
  • register of all energy consuming systems, processes and facilities
  • visiting the object of auditing
  • evaluating the situation with regard to energy performance of the object/property
  • summary and confirmation of the auditing process according to DIN EN 16247 -1
  • suggested measures and progress

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