For the management of properties air-conditioning systems are a substantial cost factor. Due to the magnitude of the primary energy input for the operation of the plants, there is enormous potential for savings, according to a study by the Federal Environment Ministry. We can confirm this from our own experience. 

Additionally inspection of air-conditioning systems with more than 12 KW is mandatory according to § 12 of energy saving regulations (EnEV). By this inspection weaknesses will be located and suitable measures can be developed for facilities.

The European directive 2002/91/EG (EPBD – Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) forms a background of this regulation. It prescribes the improvement of total energy efficiency in residential buildings. This resulted in the energy saving regulations (EnEV) on national level.

You can benefit from our long-time experience in the field of energy efficiency. As your independent partner we evaluate your facilities objectively. Additionally, we develop important technical recommendation for actions having regard to profitability calculations. The result will be maximum benefit for your company instead of just meeting legal requirements. 

Which installations are subject to the duty of inspection?

The obligation to inspect applies for all air-conditioning systems that are older than ten years and have cooling capacity of more than 12kW. Besides full and partial air-conditioning systems, this also includes split units and air conditioners without ventilation function. 

This is How the Energy Inspection of the Systems Pays Off for Your Company:

Energy and Cost Savings

We analyse energy saving possibilities of your company. By means of this data we recommend concrete measures for various company sectors to save energy.



By reducing your energy consumption you also reduce your carbon dioxide output to make a crucial contribution to the success of the energy turnaround in Germany.

Energy Indicators and Benchmarking

Our consultancy enables you to initiate processes, from which you can deduce energy indicators for your saving goals. It facilitates the comparison between processes and companies, which have a more advantageous target value (benchmarking). 

Increase of Your Competence

We provide knowhow and special knowledge to your company. An exogenous view can create new impulses in your operating procedures and acquired knowledge can help your company in future projects.

Latest Version of Technologies

By implementing energy efficient measures, modern technologies are usually put in operation in your company. The modernized system technology also reduces downtimes.


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Our Services:

  • on-site appointment to carry out the measurements and evaluation of the plants and premises
  • technical documentation of plants and system
  • system observation of ventilation systems
  • determining the efficiency parameter of plants
  • verification of current requirements
  • preparation of recommendations to improve energy efficiency
  • result report of the inspection 

Your Benefit:

  • fulfilment of operational requirements according to EnEV
  • holistic overview of the current status of your system technology
  • concrete technical suggestions for improvement and profitability calculations as a basis for decision-making for possible measures
  • reduce energy costs and optimize the business results of your company

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