Safe and affordable energy is a fuel of your company. And this shall not change. We understand the energy turnaround as a great chance and help you to utilize it consistently. 

The key lies in a customized combination of possible savings, an increase in supply efficiency and the use of innovative technologies.

We develop a specific solution for you, to design your energy supply future proof so that you are able to gain sustainable economic benefit.

Whether it is an energy audit, energy management systems or funded energy consultancy in medium sized enterprises – together we identify a suitable solution for you - by discussing your goals and strategic orientation to ensure you take the most efficient route.

We will provide transparency to your energy processes, we will show fields of action and establish a basis to evaluate energy savings and potential cost savings. 

Thereby we ensure it means the least possible effort for you and you can continue to focus on your core tasks.

Integrated Energy Consultancy

Energy Audits According to DIN EN 16247-1

Energy Consultancy for Medium-Sized Enterprises

Inspection of Air Conditioning Systems (ENEV §12)

Energy Management Systems (DIN EN ISO 50001)

Energy Certificates for Non-Residential Buildings

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Together we increase your competitiveness and take account of the future market and customer requirements by careful yet innovative actions. We already show you today, how tomorrow’s energy policy can influence your business decisions.

On the foundation of our consultancy results we offer complete solutions to your selected measures. In a strong network we take on managing and consulting in the engineering process, the supervision of procurement and tendering process, as well as guidance and monitoring of the implementation of energy measures.

In the framework of implementation of planned measure we assume

  • management and consultancy for engineering,
  • supervision of procurement and tendering processes,
  • company of financing,
  • monitoring of implementation of energy efficiency measures.